Thursday 3 May 2012

Shoe Guru #5: how to prepare your boots for winter

Winter is coming... which means boot season! Good boots are an investment and protecting that investment will ensure they’ll last longer. Shoe Guru thinks one should always be prepared regardless of season. Follow these steps to help prolong the life of your leather so you don’t leave your toes out in the cold or have to go out wearing this.


*These tips can also be applied to leather dress shoes and heels.


Step 1: Dust off

Dust is abrasive and can cause microscopic scratches on the leather which causes it to look dull and aged. Make it routine to dust off your boots with a soft cloth after each wear.

Step 2: Remove dirt

Check for caked-on mud or dirt in and around the crevices of your boots. Using a cotton bud or a baby toothbrush, gently brush off the dirt on your boots. For big patches of mud on the soles of your boots, take them outside and gently knock them together to dislodge.

Important Shoe Guru Tip: Do not use household cleaners or solvents to clean your boots! This will cause the leather to dry out and crack.

Step 3: Apply leather conditioner and shoe polish

Leather needs moisture to help it stay soft and pliable. Apply a thin layer of leather conditioner onto a boot and rub it in. Next use a soft cloth and apply coloured polish that matches your leather and buff it out for a shiny finish.

Shoe Guru Tip: Not sure what colour polish to use? Visit a Buffed site and our franchisees will be able to help you select the right products. Or just hop onto our shoe shine chair and get an instant, hassle-free buff!

Step 4: After-wear care

It’s important to dry your boots out after each wear. Your feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands and the combination of moisture and heat in a tiny enclosed boot can cause unpleasant smells to develop. See my tips on how to get rid of the stink.

Never dry your shoes with heat as this will cause the leather to dry out and crack. Use wooden boots trees to retain the shape and draw out excess moisture.

Follow these tips for happy (and warm) feet this winter.