Buffed - Australia's first social franchise

Buffed Social Impact InfographicBuffed is leading the way as Australia’s first social franchise, with being a network of shoe shine stands across major cities within Australia. Founded by The Wise Foundation in 2011, the aim is to give business opportunities to refugees and people whose employment outlook is limited. We have had support from our partners who are the Bank of Queensland, University of Queensland Business School and The Body Shop.

Our Mission is to create a franchise business that generates a positive social impact within communities and valued outcomes across Australia. The vision is to secure futures for individuals through small business ownership.

Our History


Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Wise Foundation was formed in April 2008 to further the community development and social commitments of the Body Shop Australia, the Adidem group and companies and the Wise family.

The Wise Foundation launched Buffed in 2011 to create real business opportunities for refugees and individuals excluded from the Australia workforce, to secure their futures through small business ownership.


How It Works

Buffed is a social franchise business that provides high-level support to individuals to gain back their futures through business ownership.Graeme Wise from The Wise Foundation pictured with Buffed franchisees

Individuals are able to ‘purchase’ Buffed shoe shine stands and operate them as their own franchise business. As Buffed franchises they receive comprehensive training in the fine art of shoe shining, customer service skills and business training development.

Buffed provides high-level support that includes: no-interest loans, business mentorship and dynamic marketing to ensure franchisees have the best chance of creating a successful business. While growing their own business, franchisees develop skills, experience and confidence that will greatly assist them for any future goals or aspirations.

Buffed franchisees pictured with founder Graeme Wise  (top left)