Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Buffington Post: February 2012

Welcome to the second edition of The Buffington Post, the newsletter of Australia’s first social franchise, Buffed.

The positive feedback on last month’s Buffington Post has been phenomenal! We are greatly encouraged to see everyone sharing the newsletter with networks and friends and jumping aboard the shoe shine revolution.

Our sites are again firing on all cylinders after a quiet January, due to everyone escaping the CBD for their summer holidays. Some valued clients did make use of the slow season to drop off large bags containing all their shoes for  a complete new year, new you, shoe polish! A new year’s resolution perhaps! We are in the final stages of securing a few additional sites for Brisbane CBD so keep your eye out as they just might be in your building.

Buffed’s plans for expansion include new sites opening in Sydney and Melbourne throughout the next two months. We’re now working closely with some of the leading  property groups across the country to explore the possibilities of locating Buffed franchises in many of the amazing buildings they own and/or manage.

In addition to securing sites we will of course need to recruit suitable individuals to join the Buffed team as Franchisees. We’ve spoken with several non-profit organisations and are very keen to expand this network. Please give us a shout if you know of any organisations that work closely with individuals that would make great shoe shine technicians and relish an opportunity to own and operate a small business.

In other quick updates, Buffed has been fortunate to gain some media time with a feature on Channel 10 news and on radio with ABC612 this month. This month we introduce you to our franchisee Grant and feature articles covering the most interesting social business news links and The Shoe Guru’s Top Tips on caring for the other leather in your life.

Thanks and regards… Peter