Name: Danny Gudeta
Site Name: 500 Bourke Street
Site Address: Melbourne VIC 3000
City: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Phone: 1300 917 937

Buffed Franchisee: Danny GudetaDanny1

Originating from Ethiopia, Gudeta spent 20 years in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to Australia eighteen months ago. “The simplicity of Buffed is great and I have already learnt how to provide the best shoe shine. Learning how to maintain and grow my own business will be a challenge but I am very excited about this” said Gudeta.

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I’m hard-working and very responsible, and a little reserved.

What was a defining moment in your life?

Definitely when I arrived in Australia, I have been here for one year, seven months and twenty-one days (as of Thursday 28 June 2012).

Why Buffed?

When I arrived I got a job doing cleaning but it was only for two hours a day. I wanted to work more and many of the factory jobs I applied for started work very early and as I don’t have a car and rely on public transport I couldn’t get there on time. If I have my own business then I can work as much as I like.

Whose shoes would you most like to shine?

Everyone is welcome but I would really like to shine Kofi Annan shoes. Especially if they are a nice pair of black shoes, they are my favourite!

Whose shoes would you walk a mile in?

Haile Gebrselassie, he is an Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete who has won two Olympic gold medals. He is very well respected.


Danny is located in the foyer of 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC. He shines from 8am-2pm