The Buffed Experience

Buffed shoe shine stands provide you with the opportunity to sit back and have your shoes shined on the way to work, before that important meeting or while waiting for your lunch and coffee. Sounds good? It gets better!

Our Buffed chair is ergonomically designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible while taking you away from the hustle and bustle of city life (at least for a few minutes) and soon you'll be stepping out with the best looking shoes on the street!

All Buffed products have been carefully tested and selected to provide you with the highest quality shoe shine you can get. And it’s not just shoes, we can buff just about any leather item you’ve got (although we’re not available to help you hoick your leather sofa into town!).

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Drop-off service

Too busy to get Buffed? That’s okay. Buffed also provides a drop off service!

Drop your shoes off at your local franchisee and we’ll have them shined and ready in your personal Buffed shoe bag for later collection at your convenience. You can also re-use your Buffed shoe bag for future shines so start getting that spare pair of shoes shined for that special event on the weekend.

Drop them off scuffed and pick them up Buffed - it couldn’t be any easier.

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